Our Owner and CEO

Amelia Waters’ professional career began as a TV news reporter, producer, and station web manager. In television, Amelia shot, edited, and produced her own stories. She was able to build and perfect the camera skills that she brings to her social media clients today. Her skills for writing and presenting to an audience also come in handy when it comes to her clients’ marketing.

Her technical skills quickly turned into internet marketing as I had a knack for technology. 

Her passion for managing websites in the news developed into a proficient understanding of SEO and capturing an audience on various platforms, including social media. 

She has worked for a variety of industries including financial institutions, retailers, restaurants, health and wellness professionals, lifestyle magazines, clothing designers, and non-profits.

Outside of running the business, Amelia works as a personal trainer and fitness instructor in upstate New York.

She specializes in helping people lose weight and tone up, feel better inside and out and most of all give people the energy and happiness they deserve to navigate through life.   

She currently lives in upstate New York, where she enjoys hiking the Adirondacks and Catskills, visiting local lakes, and having family nearby.

She also enjoys traveling, working, and crafts. She is also a proud cat mom of two black cats, Tuna and Tina. 

Autumn is her favorite season has it includes Halloween and her birthday.